Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Smoke Signals Sent Through The Smoke and Mirrors

Dude dropped knowledge on me; whats the deally?  breaking bread like the GOP and Obama mentioned?  its not hard to pay attention....  but its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors! 

The attitude is foul!! the vehicle needed a tune up, a drop in mileage noticed when we kept on running / breaking north!! we go forth!! but some were waiting on the Papal Conclave to send smoke signals! 

White smoke comes from the pipe...some hope Pope Francis can get it right..meanwhile who can understand us? some misbehave...polls reflect the Republicans can straighten it out..

Black smoke comes from the pipe...engine trouble on the mothership? can Manny Moe and Jack fix it? I doubt we land this on earth...some misbehave...but by using breakbeat science we think these brothas can straighten it out...

A con will misbehave!! whatcha know jack? signals get crossed..that devil was even quoting Bible scriptures! 

Others misbehave!! whatcha know jack? a joker was swerving..switching signals; whose cursing one minute and praying the next?  I'm even I type these scriptures!

Others misbehave!!  we swing the Sonic Blackjack at those tripping!! photoshop will hype these pictures of paradise or utopia! 

No need for the rogaine...shaved my head to rock the baldy..but what will the call be? some set up shop so you can believe the hype ...they'll mix up new dope for ya! 

No pain felt with bath salts and synthetic pot? used to enhance the picture..any hope for ya in the smoke and mirrors? 

No pain no gain? please!!! check this math that is taught; you should know class is in session...its no joke dealing with the horrors and terrors!

Sonic aggression is used in the ongoing smoke and mirrors show..some will get whats coming to them..

Check the smoke signals...we knew what the deal was..peeping game like Google street view harvesting data..using this breakbeat science to holla atcha...O-Zone drops this good word..O-Dizzle was funky drumming for them..  

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