Saturday, March 09, 2013

Make It Happen Captain

All up in the spot!! letting the hustlers hustle and the players play! 

Make it happen Captain was the mantra!! conclave members were told that? smoke signals were soon or close caption however you wanna play! might wanna pray;  its rough out here!! even though the US economy added jobs...your going to need all the help you can get! 

What will the response be? catching up on their pimping was the mission of the polyester slack Stacy Adams kicks wearers; they told me they were trying to get it!

 Don't stop get it get it per Uzi was the slogan!!  but whatcha knowing?  its not a simple thing...check the drama some rebels in Syria..were facing every possible obstacle!

Make it happen Captain was the word heard from old dude at the Checker Cab stand up in Louisville he asked me...whats the deal with ya?  whats stopping a bro? 

The Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible can be a accomplished even without the Ghost Protocol! 

As we gather and hunt; blue collar style!!  making it happen Captain like Kirk on the Starship Enterprise;  looking like a pro to y'all!

Dropping this math..not pulling a Hollywood stunt...whatcha know? y'all should have known we would make it happen Captain...

Knocked off balance...even fell off...some were acting false in the hood...due to the Deliberate Falsehood...but now were trying to come back like Tiger Woods...once again... 

O-Dizzle rocked the palace..O-Zone carried the Sword of Truth in the midst of so many falsehoods...that's how its going down..

Hustles were knocked...haters show malice like Chinese Hackers in  this zone...but we make it happen's going down...   

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