Saturday, March 09, 2013

Still In The Midst Of The Crucial Conflict

Once again its on!! were in the midst of the crucial conflict!

Po Pimping like the group Do or Die and Twista mentioned; we're trying to recoup instead...but played like I was an ex-convict! 

Politicians contradict themselves...check the terror trials the GOP vs Obama;  check the conflict of interest! 

Poli-tricking!!  meanwhile knowledge were kicking!! but society plays me like a person of interest! 

Who tried to lie to me?  a sword of truth is toted....who will work with this its a rough job but somebody has to do it! 

Who tried to cry to me?  the river flowed like Justin Timberlake talked about; act like you knew it! 

During the crucial conflict who tried a little tenderness like Otis Redding talked about?

 During the Total Chaos some acted brand new when they kicked it; sounding like North Korea...but just clones or zombies that stalked about!

Taking a loss can be an option for some...that's what veterans in the sport said..

Now jokers want to be mad about....ready to riot like Egyptians out in Port Said..

But some in the sport have been misled..they're waiting in the dark like waiting on smoke signals from the conclave...

During the ongoing crucial conflict we didn't abort are mission...ignored those hating..we proceed and continue..check out how we Slide like Slave.... 

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