Friday, March 15, 2013

I Dipped On Them

Its going down but I didn't like how!! so I'm laying in the cut..I dipped on them! 

Its going down!! just trying to maintain...trying to do my thing!! but  like the GOP vs Mitt Romney some thought I was tripping on them! 

Others were getting whats coming to them....what will the response be? damn!! karma is something else! 

Brothers like me were getting busy back in the day..trying to make it right...playing through the pain like Kobe Bryant..the old school baptist preacher told me to go on with my bad self!

 O-Dizzle is pulling funk off the shelves!! O-Zone won't lie about it...he carries the sword of the moment typing this good word into the Samsung phone!

But it wasn't the Samsung Galaxy whats the dizzle?  some were a stand still;  meanwhile I kept it moving..intergalactic..dipping across the galaxy..once again its on! 

Transmitting Live  from the danger zone!! similar to Pakistan with US Drones...but dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the old school Acura Legend...staying a step ahead of the apparatus!

I wasn't shucking and jiving..not broke down like Carnival Legend!!  no green light like John Legend...I told dude that's whats he checked my status! 

But jokers "holla at us"  like North Korea with some off the wall stuff!! word from Michael Jackson. 

We dipped on them..we had to limit the interaction! 

Now were back in the action after observing the scene were ready to roll! 

We flipped on them!! the equation had was obscene!! but we had it under control!

...Figured it out then we dipped on them..local, international and intergalactic when we rolled out! 

Intrigue and drama was introduced; some slipped it in on was in the fine print of the contract they signed;  after they sold out!

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