Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Reign Began With A Drizzle

I’m weather forecasting like Al Roker….spotted inclement weather like in Afghanistan with Karzai..somebody is a damn lie!!  but I know the reign began with a drizzle!

Whatever said the naysayer!!  just a foul joker that’s soon in pain after their plans fizzle! 

Whats the dizzle? as Venezuela elects a successor to Hugo Chavez…I’m easy like this Sunday morning per the Commodores…chilling in the lab drinking Juan Valdez…

Whats the dizzle? let me tell you something; soon a brotha plays the lottery at Chavez’s Citgo station..flags were at half staff…or maybe I’ll go up to the Quik Trip station on Wesley Chapel Rd in Decatur Georgia…might get get a cup of Fair Trade coffee from Honduras….

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