Saturday, March 09, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Who Will Work With A Brotha?

 Mentioned earlier;  once again its on!! jumping and recognizing with the vertical / spring of a power forward...were all up in the spot again! 

Who will work with a brotha?  its cold like the weather in Atlanta ....but its March...time to spring soon it'll be hot again! 

....Like in Dekalb County Georgia  ...jokers are plotting and scheming; word from Dunwoody and Lakeside? the hostile takeover is going down! 

Its about a dollar per the bounty for Christopher Dorner..but jokers were no longer allotting time, energy, or money to the cause;  others were asleep..they were on its going down! 

We will pause but it'll be for the cause got lonely out there...but usually we kept on running! 

Down for cause..but all up in the spot?  I kept my hand on my gun they had me on the run per 2Pac and Spice 1; ...also a line used by big homie;  meanwhile O-Dizzle kept drumming!

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