Monday, March 25, 2013

I Dipped For A Minute

 I dipped for a minute...rolling down I-75 towards Louisville by way of Lexington... Getaway by Earth Wind and Fire played in the background! 

Witnessed the Cardinal takeover.. for the fake? it's over!! stayed a step ahead of these fools....I knew how they would play; battles?  were winning...then I dipped;  I didn't back down! 

Usually dipping down I-20 in Atlanta....rolling up!! I didn't turn the track down!! O-Dog's funk was thumping in the hooptie!

The devil tried to attack the family up in the Ville..its real...but I  didn't let these fools run me;  now I'm on I-75 in Lexington..I put my mack down!! even though Kentucky state authorities were trumping up charges;  I'm found where the sword of truth will be!

The burden of proof was on me!! some people have sold out..a jury of my so called peers showed skepticism!

 I'm working it out after God worked it out...he ordered my steps per Anointed1 Appointed1 ...but I know how the joint will get..I was considered arrogant and aloof;  haters were heard saying we hope the drama gets the best of him!

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