Monday, March 11, 2013

At The End Of The Day? Its Gotta Be Good

The so called experts were meeting at the Papal Conclave..they told us at the end of the day?  its gotta be good! 

Just like that!! while others balled on the network or circuit..dipping in the Buick deuce and a quarter not the Buick Enclave.. they said at the end of the day?  its gotta be hood! 

How did I behave in the midst of so many falsehoods?  please!!  the sword of truth is sharpened so I can carry it! 

Whose acting false in the hood?  life is a bitch Pops told me!! damn!! I had to marry it! 

But no shotgun wedding is needed;  life is hectic!! but the weapon formed won't prosper per Ray Lewis; might as well bury it in the woods after the caper is pulled! 

Riding shotgun with God!! but still not the norm...admitting sometimes I don't shoot straight; jokers continue to show hate...whose face to face with a crook or the drama can be computed...or even with the fine print on the paper some were fooled! 

Facebook accounts get hacked like Colin Powell's ..other crooks were hiding..the whole squad on the run!! they were just a bunch of gamblers out for a fast buck!! when Deliberate Falsehoods were perpetrated? ..its all due to the hate!! 

Books were hiding the truth..but these free radicals attack the body or structure...we spotted the false positives..they were heard during the debate...

...Not the one whose odd; work is put in..we weren't on sabbaticals..the truth was disputed!! were dedicated!! how were some schooled?  apparently not too good! 

My squad provides proof...but the treasury was looted from Wall Street to y'alls its not too hood! 

This rod and staff type math can lead to y'alls defeat...please!! we did it like this and we did it like that...its gotta be good!

The lightning rod was hit during the storm as we transcend and transform; admitting I'm not the norm!! Louisville / Newburg embedded deep in me!!  so at the end of the day its gotta be hood!

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