Thursday, March 07, 2013

Seasons...Reasons PT.2

Spring is soon here....but jokers play me like its still winter; they gave me the cold shoulder!

Shady like Wall Street stock brokers!!! the inside joke is on the world gets colder! 

Al Gore mentioned global warming / climate change; but Northeast snowstorms wreak forecasters and scientists mentioned EL Nino! 

Whats the score March Madness is here!! plus baseball teams are in spring training..meanwhile we span the globe brainstorming....ignoring North Korean threats...but coping strategies will fail a fly Negro! 

Wheres the door? whats up with this? whose caught out there like Sulaiman Abu Ghaith?  a fly Negro left the building like Superman..catching up on his pimping was the mission! 

Coming through the door with the fly suit on!! Stacy Adams with taps click clacking on the floor....pimping was the mission! 

Hurting them like Herman Cain and David Petraeus!!  or maybe killing them like Ammar Harris out in whats up? 

Reasons change like seasons change; its not strange... in love or war whose fair with this?  they even accuse me of being corrupt!

 But I could see whats up;  O-Dizzle will rock..but some folk haven't had enough seasoning! 

Can't you see whats up? check the clock as we spring forward; losing an hour..affecting deductive reasoning? 

Smart like Sadducees doing the damn thing?   processes were evolutionary / maybe intelligent design? 

Gnostics with the prognosis?  seasons whats really on their mind? 

Treasons change the whole perspective;  now jokers wait on smoke signals from the conclave! 

Seasons change...did the reasons change?  my kind are still the Dekalb County School board they say were just cons who misbehave!

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