Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Description PT.3 / The Return Engagement

Were caught up / caught out here!! damn!!  but I guess I'll give you a description! 

This is word from a veteran in the game...earlier episodes hipped you to the game...from a brotha matching the description...

Sequestration going down due to game playing..Uncle Fester type jokes were told...some folk fell for them.. 

How were you brought up? like the Gaza Strip / West Bank... rules and regulations were heavy!! but  now some are caught out there due to the rebellion! 

Some fell for one or another!! what? the scam that was being run Keystone XL in the recovery / healing process! 

Another will run and tell on the brothers or sisters!! whistle blowing like in Dekalb County Georgia or  Bradley Manning wiki-leaking ....supposedly the process! 

Whats the deal with this? a bounty on our heads because we match the description? understanding that's how it works in Babylon...

Whats the deal with this? check how the sound will be...were intergalactic with it like meteors hitting Russia..soon asteroids?...some feel the pressure in this zone...

Whats are some on? the view or vision is obvious..its like this and like that! 

The view or vision is a fresh one!!  that's how were coming..were trying to fight this or that! 

Were out here!! some are acting brand new with that!! but that can be expected! 

Its the return engagement...they said we fit the description; but they do too...of those hating!!  fooling with them?  please!! we can't be respected!

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