Friday, April 13, 2018

The Specialist PT. 10 (The Conclusion)

This is word from the specialist acting real special with this!! this is the concept conclusion...

But the saga / struggle continues, once of my special sayings; a cliche I like using...

We kept cruising down I-20 in Atlanta, minds were rejuvenated when we dipped to familiar surroundings. 

Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday type of business? oh yes!!  I told familiar spirits they were surrounded by kings. 

...and queens from the motherland,  as this brother man gets breakbeat scientific. 

Scenes were observed from the cockpit in the mothership as Steve Bannon types go at Robert Mueller!!  along with Trump they tried to get slick with the government.

So what's up with it? we're ready to roll, rocking it but some will abandon the ship like Paul Ryan.

So what's up?  check out some roll, acting real special with it as websites were set up to say James Comey was lying.

He dropped science on them, meanwhile we keep trying homie!! this is word from the specialist!!  but astrologers day there's only so much you can do with Saturn in Capricorn

....Along with Mars;  as I write this I remove the bars!  the Lord ordered my steps so I show excitement,  once again it's on!

The scars undergo the healing process but we'll continue to bring this hot mess,  acting real special with this...

This is the concept conclusion; stopping the madness? naw!! breakbeat science will still be dropped by this specialist!!

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