Monday, April 23, 2018

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss PT.5

Another Monday has rolled up on us; we're still out here paying the cost to be the boss..

How did we play per Music Monday?  soul music up in this piece plus house music, jazz and hip hop!! we weren't lost

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss!! like I mentioned previously per the Negro College Fund commercial;  a mind is a terrible thing to waste. 

Paying the cost to be the boss? devious with these maneuvers?  please!!  I had work to do!! roaming through the catacombs of my mind, a dude will cut and paste. 

...Plus drag and drop, you don't quit and don't stop!!  the attitude?  not corrupt like Facebook and Cambridge Analytica plus I didn't catch and kill like National Enquirer

Back in Louisville / Newburg? I had to admit the dude was face to face with crooks taking it to bridge!! we were setting the world on fire. 

Soon the shot clock will expire, so I was redirected like by the website while trying to drop this Monday Motivation / insight;  so now I'm in flight,  I moved on. 

Rolling through the nation / universe!! beats perfected,  getting my mind right by being breakbeat scientific!!  getting my groove on. 

Disconnected!!  now rolling down I-20 in Atlanta making a move on it.

What's that? freedom!! so I stay connected to the higher power while on terra firma!!  nothing to prove on it. 

I see them!! I stay corrected by the elders,  they told me "your gonna learn today bro"  in their Kevin Hart voice!! soon seeing it is what it is! 

Now paying the cost to be the boss!! blue collar like welders and machinists while the machine folds and mutilates representing how society hates us!! we're in the heart of it trying not to lose poise, soon seeing it is what it is! 

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