Friday, April 06, 2018

The Specialist PT.7 (Flashback Friday Edition)

On this Flashback Friday? I'm laying in the cut / chilling out!! like Robert Mueller investigations I'm  creating this special list. 

So what's up?  like Trump and Stormy Daniels situations I'm not playing around with the corrupt!!   that's word from this specialist. 

I'm trying to put a handle on this!! acting  real special with this?  my constituency call it acting extra. 

A sonic vandal with the hazardous material? earlier?  I mentioned a hot mess from the hot messenger

Rolling up with another hot mess? they told me not  to back in so my vehicle could be identified.

Rolling up, blessed and highly favored like the vanity licencse plate on the front of the old sisters Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham?  but excuse us for still being dirty, mud was tracked in the dwelling due to the rain / reign!! damn!!  we tried. 

Otherwise?  authorities are defied , especially after somebody lied!!  at the end of the day? the masses are bitter.

The wise and otherwise said follow them!! now Cambridge Analytica clocked them on Facebook and Twitter.

Surprised when face to face with a crook? some were  acting bitter!! others were following one like Scott Pruitt  that fell off. 

Once a prize chaser rolling through the conduit!!   a don't stop get it getter that sold out now having to sell off.

Meanwhile  this specialist is on to it!! we sail off into the universe like Virgin Galactic! we're on a Mystic Voyage like Roy Ayers.

...Or maybe a fantastic one like Lakeside but we know how the fake ride!! down here in Atlanta?  they're wannabe divas and players.

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