Thursday, April 19, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (A Throwback Thursday Edition)

It's going down!  excuse me while I catch up on these I-20 Chronicles. 

...Told jokers to lose me with the nonsense; like Michael Cohen soon flipping on Donald Trump I'm not responsible for these or those. 

The devil will oppose these getting over the hump endeavors per the old school Baptist Preacher!! that's based on Throwback Thursday lessons;  ties?  a dude severs!  like Trump trying to sell Syria to Saudi Arabia who's part of the conspiracy?

Devils will collude like Trump Russia accusations!!  who will believe the story? 

Patrolling the territory the Lord blessed me with on some Outback Chronicles type of knowledge!! no wall is built like Trump wants to do. 

...Plus the National Guard is not posted up,  watch the set up!! what did some want from you?

Local / national / international / intergalactic fronts are where the drama is!! act like you knew!!

Local moves still made down I-20 in Atlanta plus intergalactic journeys are made through the galaxy, seeing what it do!!
Digital crate digging will continue!! not confused like Nikki Haley!!   taking it to bridge is a brotha's mission!!

Doing the knowledge!! similar to data mining by Cambridge Analytica?  naw!!  that's not how we're living. 

Still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! minding and tending is how we're living,  we're just doing what we do.

Still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! some will understand a brotha, but in the meantime and between time we're acting like we knew. 

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