Monday, March 10, 2014

The Outback Chronicles / The Monday Blahs Edition

 Check out these outback chronicles..the concept is not combined with I-20 escapades! 

Oh no!! not this time..chilling out..outside on my deck..relieving Monday morning blahs due to the ongoing charades!

 ATLiens were like Edward Snowden at SXSW...faking it!! deceiving some when they dipped in worn out Caddie Escalades and Jeep Grand Cherokees! 

Any justification? check the situation...they're out there in the mainstream of mathematics..qualification for santification? please!! aliens and usual residents weren't benevolent!! Adam Lanza's Pops didn't have an alibi...the drama is covered from all aspects ..even previous to the Trail of Tears per the Cherokees! 

Jokers sale drinks and beers to Cherokee and Biloxi gamblers out for a fast like in Vegas they want to sue...meanwhile I raked leaves out in the backyard! 

Jokers tell outside and inside jokes to the "youts and blokes" were dealing with those thinking they're hard! 

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