Monday, March 17, 2014

Priorities Shift / They Had Us Hemmed In

Damn!! the arch nemesis was on the premises!! some believed the empty they had us hemmed in! 

Damn!! the arch enemy stays busy!!  they're all about trouble...check their evil they keep binging! 

Soon purging..others? they're urging them to join the movement..they'll be lost like Flight 370 from were feeling it also!! what?  the pain!! but everybody processed it differently..on their own! 

This brotha wasn't merging with them!! word from a Scorpio!! I checked my said today I would be stressed due to a cardinal grand cross!! damn!!  I'm on my own! 

...knowing how the sport will gets complex!! that's word from a Louisville Cardinal fan going off with this!! whats up man?  sometimes you get hemmed in! 

Priorities it's cold per the polar vortex!! like old school players polyester slacks?  you'll get hemmed in! 

Territories shift..check the boundaries like Crimea..moves made are cold like dude with the Hemi engine in the Dodge Charger!! racial profiled in the ATL. 

Priorities shift in the ATL..crimies roll up in old white Dodge vans so they can pull a smash and grab..but old attitudes didn't die in Dodge City!! the sheriff and posse want you to fail! 

I see priorities shift!  I was observing the scene..peeping game....doing the knowledge.. now attitude will determine my altitude..

Some were sleeping in the game;  others protest at the Red Square per the Ukraine crisis as territories shift! meanwhile I shift gears out there in the mothership...out in the galaxy..but aliens were foul...rude..

Some were reaping what they're sowing in the game..they thought they were cunning, shrewd and clever..but they'll get whats coming to them..

Priorities others were creeping up in the game...damn!! now all of us could be hemmed in...

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