Friday, March 28, 2014

The Saga / Struggle Continues/ I Told Ya...It's Rough Out Here

Borrowing a line from old dude that lived on Hancock Street in the East End of Louisville...he always said "its rough out here"

Bearing witness to the fact!! disillusioned per  Will Smith  / Hancock?   please!! I know what the deal is..I've crossed  over on the other side of bridges and tracks..I've been out there! 

...Knowing what the real is!!  but knowledge some lack!! some look baffled..they're caught up in the "la la"  or "rah rah" shxt! 

They feel the Alice in Wonderland or mamby-pamby land vibes!! but soon they get gaffled by these tribes!! hah!! hah!! hah!! as the crooks lol!! now some don't know how to deal with it. 

We're real with it..facing the music plus playing the music and dropping this good word! 

We deal with it like Putin and a diplomatic solution concerning the Ukraine...whats up mane?  the good and bad periods were experienced...knowledge was gained based on what occurred. 

Lines were blurred out there in the smoke and mirrors; as we dealt with the grey area scenarios! 

Minds are activated by this good word!! the sonic assault rebukes the horrors and terrors that led to the mass hysteria.

Tribes were hated like in Syria..the drama spills over into Turkey.. meanwhile this bruh chills...I couldn't find anybody to work with me...

Vibes were ill; those that hated contributed to the confusion...but I'm all about winning not I'm ignoring a jive turkey...

Vibes were ill...jokers like Chris Christie  justify the shady deal..they even met with Nathan Shady Deal..but he has his own problems per Medicaid expansion in Georgia...

That's per Moral's rough out here...I told there's no help from what's up with ya?

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