Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Comedians and Politicians

 I'm focused man!! soon I'll drop these clearance rack epiphanies!
 But the bogus flop like Vlade Divac from back in the  some are back in the way...check the interference from those that question the abilities! 

The fake even introduced technical difficulties..whats up with those and these? talking crazy like Rand Paul...I told you they're bogus!!  just a bunch of comedians and politicians! 

Similar to ATL wannabe macks and divas fronting, faking and swagging..understand? I told y'all!!  but some are still impressed by the glamour and glitz!!  heightening their  ambitions! 

I told y'all !! who'll understand these? now some are stressed;  nefarious missions were exposed like Russia rolling up on the Ukraine!

They'll fold you and mutilate you in the machine;  they're going  postal!!  like Flight 370 families?..some of you will feel the pain! 

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