Saturday, March 15, 2014

Behind Schedule But Still Ahead PT.2

The saga / struggle continues;  damn!!  I'm behind schedule..but still a step ahead in the game! 

A brotha still continues to drop mathematics...thats whats up with this!!  I'm breakbeat scientific in this game!

Discussed matters with shorty over in Decatur...there's a lot of handcuffing, third wheeling and B.A.S aka bitch ass sh@t going down in the ATL ...some still didn't grasp the basic mathematics they want to move on to geometry! 

...or algebra..others roll up like Russia in the Ukraine..they'll get foul with ya!! ..meanwhile I multi-task..but not trying to limelight bask!! I'm still keeping a grasp on reality! 

...especially after reality checks were cashed; damn!! my account is

Some of us will get whats coming to us....that's word  per Chris Brown fronting like he's hard....sometimes others wonder what I'm on!

 O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them!! he gets down!! he's letting them know what it do! 

O-Zone knew the dizzle;  life is a marathon..I kept on running!! a step or two ahead..even though I'm still behind schedule!

Check Out The Marathon Mix from O-Dog

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