Thursday, March 27, 2014

Going In; But It's Out Of Control PT.4

We're going in...but ear shattering gunshots exploded like it's the Ukraine..the situation is out of control. 

I was trying to move on to a higher position but I'm meeting opposition mane!! like the UN General Assembly vs Crimea's annexation by Russia; I felt the pressure....some don't like how I roll. 

They wanted my soul!! they knew I had it or I wouldn't be in here per Bobby Byrd

Check out how I roll..dropping this brand new funk and the good word! 

You heard? that's per Satya Nadella..that was the question asked by those that limelight basked! 

That's how it is all up in the spot!! what can I tell ya? meanwhile I was putting work in...I multi-tasked.

 But masked gunmen run in like drug cartels in Mexico...sporadic gunfire goes off! 

Ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  verbal and non verbal?  check the vibe as a fanatic goes off.

 Snares and 808s have trunks rattling in response!!  who will work with a bruh during the steady bombardment of the enemy position? 

Check the sonic assault...this is my response to the hell that's caught.. to the opposition.

Check the sonic assault...O-Dizzle is on a mission..but not cheating like Air Force nuclear commanders..acting brand new? who will understand us? like the "youts"  wilding out up in Louisville...

Check the sonic ear shattering gunshots exploded around us...the situation is out of's way too real...



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