Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fanatic / Erratic Ones and The Intergalactic Drama

The saga / struggle continues!!  society tries to front / flex on these jazz-funk all stars! 

We can't front..we know the sport is complex..but a brotha had breakbeat science on these menus..even though G20 and bankers try to raise bars! G8 meetings in Sochi are in jeopardy; were they scars from Ukraine escapades? 

Macks and divas in the ATL were greeting each other!! eating sushi at the Japanese spot on Buford Highway!! wannabe Hollywood escapades? 

Others wanted to be the hottest in the hood per Red Cafe!! now
boundaries / borders plus executive orders are ignored! 

..Just like Obama / Kerry inflammatory rhetoric concerning Ukraine is ignored! other worlds and galaxies?  the truth is disputed!! now the Federation deployed storm troopers! 

Intergalactic pirates were looting and pillaging planets and asteroids like Somalians in the Indian Ocean..supposedly where the truth was! 

Pittsburgh Pirates type players strike out!! these village idiots thought is was funny!! Billy Ocean's what was the colour of love played in the background!

 Louisville / Newburg default settings were utilized by this brotha during the intergalactic drama...I didn't back down!

It's real!! please!! we didn't merge with  fanatic / erratic ones..history was repeating..those jokers were part of the drama royalty...

It's real!! on local, national, international and intergalactic fronts the drama is going down..whose showing loyalty? 



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