Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Diplomatic Immunity Is Exercised

 Whats up? like mass trials for Islamists in Egypt no justice no peace is the catch phrase....but in the ATL it's like..damn!!  I'm surrounded by the B.A.S. 

...That's bitch ass sh@t for those not knowing; check the seminar ...O-Zone will conduct the class. 

... Plus the podcast will blast!! during the ongoing total chaos?  check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

...spraying rays of light like the Aries Sun up above..word from this son of God up above!! a bruh whose on a mission. 

Dropping math;  multiplication and division!! hipping the masses to the evil webmaster's plot or scheme to alt-shift delete..or divide and conquer.

..not stopping on this path;  plus diplomatic immunity is exercised ...this is word from our sponsor.

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