Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Saga / Struggle Continues; But We're Dealing With It

As we proceed and continue!! once again its on!! it's rough out here ...please!! it's far from heavenly per relatives of passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370;  but we're dealing with it!! as the saga / struggle continues!

 O-Dizzle is not playing around with these jokers..he's using jazz,  funk,  hip-hop and house music to rock these different venues! 

Whats the dizzle? like NATO mad at Russia about the Ukraine were rebuking meals on menus prepared by chefs in hell's kitchen! 

How were they trying to play a bro? I felt the pressure..I spotted the cartel gathering per Chris Christie and Nathan Deal..but were rebuking shady deals by politicians and comedians that were sales pitching! 

Tall tales were heard from some bitching and moaning; they were extra spicy like hot wings from American Deli! 

...popular here in Atlanta; who will understand a bruh from another planet? what can another American tell me?  where did the mothership land me? 

...down here with these earthlings...they'll work things like Toyota..soon fined by the government for sticky gas pedals..please!!  it wasn't natural!! but we deal with it! we get breakbeat scientific with it..we put the pedal to the metal up in the hooptie when dipping down I-20...check us out!! were real with it!

Others were fake with it like McDonald's with the wage theft..check our response as priorities shift..check out the Sonic Assault...

A beat? O-Dizzle will break it..due to cosmic slopping after intergalactic journeys...hip to cosmic inflation...please!! we studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space!!  now check the instigation from the Sonic Assault.. 

Defeat? victory? hell was caught..please!! the saga / struggle continues..

..But were dealing with it...the apparatus? were not chilling with it...were still getting breakbeat scientific with it at these different venues...

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