Thursday, March 20, 2014

We Should Already Know PT.3

Good Samaritans get jacked for that!! nice guys finish last? please!!  they'll get played like busters! 

This good word?  I share with them..these brothas macked!!..we played on and on..through the joy and pain!! so they don't trust us! 

We let the hustles hustle and the players play...what more can I say? they'll lead you astray like Malaysian Flight 370 pilots..foul with it!!..this life is a marathon!! ..we moved on to another strategy! 

Minding and tending?  please!! a bruh  wasn't flamboyant...per Flight / Denzil Washington..after escaping from being hemmed in!! but now another wants to holla at me! 

They wonder what I'm on..they weren't checking for me earlier!!...please!!  I'm still putting work in..beat blending and good word dropping!

 Intergalactic with it...aliens let me know whats up!!  now I'm cosmic slopping!

Mathematics? they're dropped with it..cosmic inflation part of the situation? we should already know...of course...its par for the we reflect on the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..

Fanatics dropped like protestors in Venezuela  plus busters and marks were sweated by goodfellas running in the race..

Erratic is how the process is..some played you like Russia ..they dropped penalties or sanctions on you and your crew..

Static will cling to polyester and cotton...whats up son? please!! I even felt the pressure...but we should already know what it do...

You'll get jacked Dayton beating Ohio State during March Madness.. 

Whose caught up in the racket..caught up in the system / matrix? victimized by those that fake it..we should already know what it we deal with the total chaos / madness..

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