Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Sport Is Complex / Its Rough Out Here PT.6

Its like Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes..if they don't know by now they'll never never know! 

Me?  I'm just chilling with beats and quotes..I tell you; the sport is complex!! its rough out here!! but I still go for what I know! 

Wannabe authority figures and ATL wannabe macks and divas are in the sport flexing like its all this and that! 

Whose subject to the authority?  please!!  their game was corny like the  Pharrell Williams Happy song!!  it wasn't all this or that! 

Just subjects in a hostile territory? some are  corny like Illinois farmlands I saw on the way to St. Louis on I-64!

 Drama royalty rules them;  O-Zone doesn't fool with them..based on default settings from Louisville / of I-65 and I-64!

Check the drama..any loyalty shown? danger zone residents ask if we know the rules? some might flex and fire rockets like North Korea..but I knew the deal!!...I didn't merge with them..I'm in survival mode..rules were made to be broken...

Check the drama...local national international and intergalactic theatres are affected...but O-Zone mic-checked O-Dizzle put work in are broken..

Check the drama...oh yeah!! rules were broken by others for nefarious reasons..pilots are the main suspects in the Malaysia Flight 370 scenario...

The sport is complex...its rough out here..from the ATL to the Bay Area..please!! need to go to the Ukraine to check the scenario..

We were able to slide through the I said!!  going for what we know...but its rough out here!!

Showing respect for the game...the sport is complex!!..but the Lord will bless!! we calculate the victories and defeats...while were out here!!


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