Sunday, March 30, 2014

The I-20 Chronicles / Still Putting Work In

Still putting work families of Flight 370 passengers demanding the truth...were still dipping back and forth down I-20 in Atlanta. 

Still putting work in...this is word from families of middle passengers demanding the truth..were still going back to that old school funk; Back and Forth by Cameo  plays in the background... understand a bruh? 

Or maybe Aaliyah's version...once again it's on!! the saga / struggle continues!! we even turned the lab into an attack zone

Life is a marathon!! were trying to move forward but we were fired on like drama still going down in Iraq!!  it never's not back..ear shattering gunshots exploded after we were tracked by a drone! 

The situation is Rocky per Sylvester Stallone!! but Ray Lewis told jokers what it do! 

The system will knock me and my hustle but no weapons will work due to diplomatic immunity..they need to act like they knew!

I dipped back to the community...spotted on Candler Rd in Decatur ...similar to being in Louisville / Newburg. 

I dipped back to the community...spotted on Boulevard in the Old Fourth Ward...drug boys flexed in v-neck t-shirts...trying to make quick money.they couldn't resist the urge..

Some slipped up in the community..they plotted and schemed but it's hard on the a wind advisory was issued for today..just like last week!! winds of change are blowing per today's New Moon in Aries...but some still couldn't resist the urge..

I'm back on default settings;  with the apparatus?  I didn't merge! I knew they weren't fair with these and those..

Attack zone business is handled..Sonic Assaults are what they're getting as we dip down I-20 with the trunk rattling...still putting work in..but we knew the devil would oppose..

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