Friday, March 28, 2014

Stressed Out Due To The Information Overload PT.3

 We're back with it..but the madness never stopped..the information overload has planes in the Indian Ocean looking for Flight 370.

We're back with transformation mode..I transcended...back in the day? listening to Billy Ocean What Is The Colour Of Love at K-Mart on Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain while mopping up spills on aisle the details is where the devil will be... 

We're back with transformation is a marathon; another level will be the destination..

Whats the deal with it? what's the transportation / mode? hopefully not in a GM vehicle recalled per a bad ignition switch..delaying'll be hard to reach our destination... 

Whose real with it? the information overload per a snitch similar to Edward Snowden can be positive or negative..

Jimmy Carter said he would consider a Newburg? snitches were in ditches..nobody begged their pardon..that's not how Louisvillians / Louisvillains deal with it...

Check out this article at...Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Stressed Out Due To The Information Overload PT.3

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