Monday, March 10, 2014

Local National International Intergalactic PT.2

 It was like some back in the day type of stuff..jokers were on the corner / on the block harmonizing; They Wanted To Go Outside In The Rain..per Ron Banks and The Dramatics! 

Were out here on the corner / on the margin in this thing...hustles? haters knock.. per G20 and the banks!! were dealing with next level dramatics! 
...Plus next level fanatics were like Putin in Ukraine trying to protect Russian Black Sea interests! 

..Plus these next level mathematics weren't disputing the truth;  were about that!!  unlike Rockefellers and Rothschild with the interest!

Rasputin had Salt Sea interest!! now you know the peace in the Middle East!

..Plus robbing, stealing and looting was the deally here in the ATL ..per smash and grabs..the Plan Z theory per that cliche no justice no peace

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