Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Sonic Assault / Entering The Attack Zone

Once again it's on!! check the Sonic we enter the attack zone. 

Roland drum machines / Yamaha keyboards and iPhones are weapons used!! we weren't up in the Family Dollar store or tracfone.

Once again it's on!! please!! there's no justice no peace in Babylon!! I heard the families holla after receiving the text message from Malaysia Airlines!!  jokers aren't fair with mine...they've got us coming and going!

 O-Zone reached the threshold...spirits of middle passage descendants are he gets free and stays free!!  going for what he's knowing! 

Now the mothership is flowing through the universe after crash landing on earth...but ear shattering gunshots exploded!!...I was fired on by earthlings trying to delay progress...

A brotha gets scientific..but no information overload; it seems secret knowledge was officials from China and Malaysia concerning Flight 370...trying to delay progress...

Selective amnesia?  that's why we come with the sonic anesthesia..please!! attack mode is the status! 

Let the healing process begin!!  as we holla back at the apparatus.

We know what were dealing with..haters holla back at us..we were fired on!! I told you..ear shattering gunshots exploded!!..what will the deal be?

But some of those jokers were shooting themselves in the foot...injuries were self inflicted like Louisville missing free throws against Kentucky... 

Ray Lewis already told them fools no weapons formed would jokers wonder whats up with me? please!! this brotha is chilling the attack zone...

The funk will we do this..a low profile is kept..the system will track you with drones..


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