Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Sport Is Complex PT.7 / But We're Chilling

So what's up?  I'm chilling out down in the ATL ..home of the wannabe players and pimps. 

The sport is's easy to fail;  please! the page was frozen trying to run java scripts. 

The polar vortex led to the frozen landscape..where did the mothership land me? 

The sport is complex..I was listening to James Brown's Escapism ...but it was like Flight 370 from the Malaysia Airlines when the mothership crash landed on earth; this forsaken place is were it'll strand me. 

A brotha rises like a phoenix from the ashes / debris field as he gets scientific; who will understand me?  these earthlings were faking it..I wasn't cut from the same cloth as others. 

Another was fanatical..wanting me to stop or there were clones and devil's advocates drinking the pot liquor / elixir or broth like others. 

Who smothers the flame? ..soon bringing on the smoke and mirrors for some it'll be hard to see.  

Brothas like me are hip to the game..wise to the whole set up!!...please!! even Wichita State found out the sport is's hard to go I get free and stay free. 

We shall overcome was the overused chant / catch phrase that rebuked the was word from the civil rights movement. 

We'll pull out the O-Zone has catch we get right with this movement.

Jokers didn't need to prove it..we're in the danger zone..some were firing off missiles like North Korea;  we already know it's rough out here...

Check how we show and prove the midst of the mass hysteria we bear witness to the sport being complex..but we're chilling we come with the next...we'll take it there...


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