Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Franck Biyong - Power Of Brain

Sunday Jazz err digital crate digging  continues check these menus, dinner is served!! this sound will be a main element, can you dig it?

Trying not to spaz, those that hate are rigging systems like Facebook, then spotting me saying they're face to face with a crook then they'll try to throw the book at me;  can you dig it?

Actually, I don't dig it, so we're coming with it; what's that y'all? this sonic assault will be unleashed....

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position with this sound, after my constituents beseeched..

Oh yes!!  they beseeched us after discovering there's no peace or justice!!  now we'll play this like Franck Biyong using the Power Of Brain...

It's featuring  Wunmi , it's going down from the Cameroon to Nigeria, and from the UK to Atlanta!! understand a brotha? we're trying to maintain..

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