Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sticking To The Original Plan (Part Eight)

 It’s going down on this Saturday afternoon, but at the end of the day? you can say this science dropped is good for any time frame!  we’re sticking to the original plan!

It’s part of a bigger one; the saga / struggle that continues will trigger one, they better have a plan!

So what’s up man? check us out as we proceed and continue into the next chapter!

Still out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, soon chilling in the remote outpost trying to avoid capture!

Plus not trying to fast forward into the Rapture, the end time event;  not gambling with fate... this is Las Vegas, the system will already try to play us; some say that’s up for debate!

The matriarch prayed for us, she knew what the deal was about life aka a mad carnival; success an anomaly? Planning is a part, the carnival’s main attraction? seductive darkness! O-Dizzle told us earlier it was pricey!

Scamming / plotting / scheming is how the devil and his advocates roll; freedom from your body and soul? they'll try to fleece you, who sold the ticket? The rhythm of your soul interfaces with the server / mainframe like conspiracy theorists say about the Covid 19 vaccines; they've even got Kyrie Irving saying it’s wicked!

The original plan? we’re sticking to it, catch us out here on I-20 in Atlanta swerving as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!

Doing the damn thing? oh yes, that's a guarantee!! we're sticking to the original plan! being specific!

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