Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Sticking To The Original Plan (Part Ten)

 We’re getting this HumpDay Extravaganza underway, getting over the hump is the business!

Plus we’re sticking to the original plan, that's part of a bigger one! following our mission statement of dropping this good word and the sound, so we’ll remember what the deal is!

We’ll remember the time like Michael Jackson, check digital crate digging reactions as that concept continues!

Along with sticking to the original plan, following our vision of rocking these venues!

Full moon in Aries approaches, actually it’s here this morning! now some are acting squeamish. Halloween also approaches, an evildoer encroaches now some are uneasy / skittish. Scorpio Season almost here too, so what it do? be easy? a strong heart needed! Yield to temptation? not, because yielding is sin but fragile breaths are taken! hesitate? soon defeated!

Rebuking the matrix architects plan to have us alt shift deleted, it was an elaborate one.

Looking / peeping game / visualizing the sequence, now we’re sticking to the original plan so they can’t catch one…

Out there, even though we’re way way out there but it’s on our own terms!

Sticking to the original plan, but making adjustments; a veteran in the game who still learns!

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