Friday, October 01, 2021

Cookin Soul - GOOD JOB (full album)

Digital Crate Digging Continues check us out as we proceed and continue with this Flashback Friday edition!

Retro futuristic with it also recognizing that it’s a Fabulous Friday, showing gratitude is how we’re living…

…in a reality that’s unforgiving, karma administered to the foul based on how they’re living; with the quickness or over a period of time!

Casualties or collateral damage are part of the policy / management: we can all be subject to the authority while caught in a moment of time!

Still going for mine, at the moment dropping this Cookin Soul - GOOD JOB (full album)

Check out the playlist and the mix, O-Dog Day Partying with this at the same time getting breakbeat scientific; that's the deal brother / sister / cousin / daughter / son!!

00:00 Thug Till It's Over feat. Freddie Gibbs 02:09 Turn it Up feat. Lil B 04:33 El Caballito feat. Chyno Nyno 06:13 Behold feat. Willie the Kid 08:52 Stove Top feat. Curren$y 11:18 Come on Baby feat. Mac Miller 13:39 Amsterdam 2009 remix feat. Fashawn 15:20 Back on my Feet feat. Adje 18:34 About you feat. Jayy Grams 20:31 Notta Game feat. Tek of Smif n Wessun


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