Thursday, October 28, 2021

Trying Not To Come Undone (Part Three)

This blog?  The Sonic Assault plus my satellite stations Random Thoughts From A Brotha and   The O-Dog Podcast.. plus  What's Really Going On?  they are all part of a bigger plan... drop this breakbeat science: roll with me!!! check this out as we go all out sticking to the original plan...

Brotha OMANXL1 aka the original man, and an extraordinary one is putting in this work, trying not to come undone!!

Check us out!! once again it's on!! but the opposition is extraordinary like the Northeast and the Northwest dealing with a bomb cyclone!!

Check us out!! once again it's on!! trying not to come undone, but oh!  we’ve been to Eden, but soon we were evicted.
Power cut off, empty rooms in the house and garden, empty sockets so we can’t charge it. The phone; can't call a cab or Uber can’t "holla atcha" situation forlorn, now earth we roam homeless ever since. The devil and his advocates stole wealth but we're down here on the ground like Grant Green and Dianne Reeves, the outlook bleak; havoc we wreak, it doesn’t make any sense!

Spotted the ongoing plots and schemes as the apparatus was stealth in the way it deceives the masses with circumstances that are debatable. 

Being built or torn down at the construction / corruption site? we’ll come undone, egos are deflatable. 

On this Throwback Thursday we put the work in / studied the history / did the knowledge.  

Its easy to come undone, but it’s a Thankful Thursday, it’s a blessing to be here! the mothership got good mileage!

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