Thursday, October 14, 2021

Sticking To The Original Plan (Part Seven)

 On a Throwback Thursday? we had to revive a prior concept we had going. 

How will the work be? oh!! a Thankful Thursday is celebrated, blessings appreciated so we’re sticking to the original plan / still going for what we’re knowing!

Per this Throwback Thursday, we were dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie as Colour My World by Chicago plays in the background. ..out here in the mainstream of mathematics aka the midway of the mad carnival aka life, it's going down from Chicago to Louisville to here in Atlanta as we bear witness to the tragic beauty that’s in the background! What does it all mean? per past episodes, were players were dropping that carnal knowledge type behavior like Jack Nicholson and them? now that lady is living a shadows of her dreams!

What does it all mean? she’s now a nomad, abandoned with forgotten roots bursting at the seams!

Victimized by various plots and schemes, like Steve Bannon players need criminal referrals out there in the grey area where lines blur; it was hard to stick to the original plan!

Stigmatized, but we’re not surprised by the ongoing proceedings! we know it’s going to be hard to stick to the original plan!

Plans are devised, check the breakbeat scientific agenda, expecting opposition like Joe Biden is receiving with his!

Not surprised! we’re proceeding / continuing to do what we do, like Teena Marie we’re handling Square Biz!

My people know what the deal is, check the attitude; this is part of a bigger plan!

My people know what the deal is! your dude is 5-8 but he’s got the heart of a bigger man!

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