Monday, October 18, 2021

Sticking To The Original Plan (Part Nine)

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us, it’s a blessing / bonus so we’ll proceed and continue!

We’re sticking to the original plan, part of a bigger one; O-Zone? an original man now check out this breakbeat scientific menu. 

Rocking this venue with this good word, plus digital crate digging continues per our Music Monday format

Sticking to the original plan through thick and thin crushing any opposition, we don’t play that!

Sunday morning / afternoon / evening? you might have caught me chilling out / zoning / centering! Soon? pulled back into the game/ out in the mad carnival aka life, out in the center ring! Disturbed! previously? my appetite curbed, I backed away from the buffet told myself "I Got To Let It Go"; these things are obscene! Soon? caught up in the matrix / system but that’s not how I’m living trying to debunk that story, it’s all a smokescreen!

Lessons taught up in this piece? grey area or smoke and mirrors scenarios will be implemented by matrix architects!

Blessings received from up above, we’re able to stick to the original plan even though society disrespects.

Moving forward, now what’s next? the Lord ordered our steps so now we’re trying to follow through!

Human like the Human League, pray for me! coming up short sometimes, plans fall through!

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