Sunday, October 24, 2021

Trying Not To Come Undone (Part One)

 Concepts are revisited like it’s Throwback Thursday or  Flashback Friday even on this Sunday morning! episodes repeated until we get the gist of it?

Ignorance was bliss is how the story goes check the modes; The Brotha O-Zone couldn’t dig it!

Circumstances are debatable, being built or torn down? street codes are followed, but like Facebook shady dealing the apparatus will try to rig it, what? the outcome,  I’m not trying to come undone!

Not trying to waste your time or mine, you're not face to face with a crook! excuse me but I’m not the one!

Others are enchanted out here in the so called magical forest, spotted them when I was way way out there; the home of  idiotic levels of confusion?

Microchips planted like Covid 19 vaccine conspiracies? some have anchored inhibitions, insidious illusions. 

I mentioned the mad carnival and it’s sideshow;  a big distortion/ distraction but  delightful for some!

Resisted temptation, yielding would be sin! I'm trying not to come undone!  that DJ O-Dizzle couldn’t dig the beat of that drum. 

A plot or scheme implemented to make us come undone? DJ O-Dizzle will shut it down with the drum as digital crate digging continues!

Not teaming up with the Brotha O-Zone his alter ego in this zone? please, what are you on? he provides the good word in these breakbeat scientific venues!

Check the menus for these Sunday morning meals served, the byproduct of when we swerved out on I-20 in Atlanta..

…based on Louisville / Newburg Flashback Friday reflections / internal reflections related to this Sunday morning business?  it’s a big world / universe somebody will understand a brotha! 

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