Monday, March 30, 2020


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday!! we were O-Dog Day Partying earlier, plus the drum and bass played..

We're all up in the house due to the coronavirus, social distancing but repelling social engineering; nefarious games are played...

Rocking the house, a doctor in the house making house calls showing love from a distance  to y'all; it's going down like this!!

Knocking it out of the house, not the park!! baseball season delayed! meanwhile the sound is played! dropping it like this!!

Rocking  it!! we're listening to this DEEP HOUSE MARCH 2020 CLUB MIX!! per Stefano Dj Stoneangels Channel Two

Check out the playlist and the mix as we try to uplift the masses by getting breakbeat scientific; letting them know what it do!!

1 - Terry Jasinto - The Heartbeat (Terry Jasinto's Flipped Alternative Remix) 
2 - Zetbee - All Around (Dub Mix) 
3 - Jarred Gallo - Renovate (Original Mix)
4 - Risk Assessment feat. Queen Rose - Dance With Me (Original Mix) 
5 - Jarred Gallo - Revive (Original Mix)
6 - Marc Brauner - Love Triangle (Original Mix)
7 - Ray Hurley, Matt Early, Abi Flynn - Get To Me Once (Mike Millrain Dub)
8 - Tuff City Kids - Beau-Tan (Intr0beatz Remix)
9 - Fred P. - Alphabet City (Original Mix)
10 - SculpturedMusic - Speak Lord (Chymamusique Retro Remix) 
11 - Jones Meadow - E18 (Extended Mix) 
12 - DJ T. - Bedouin Ride (Original Mix)

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