Saturday, March 14, 2020

Nightmares On Wax and Ricardo Villalobos (feat. Kuauhtli Vasquez & Wixarika Tribe) – Back To Nature (Lobos On Wax House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon / evening; we’re out here doing the math per the equation, trying to make odd equal even?
The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; your dude keeps believing that it’s “gonna be alright” even though due to “that rona” aka the coronavirus  some of my peeps are social distancing / in isolation as they  / shelter in place / self quarantine away from the crime scene not surrounded by tape; we keep on achieving..
Earlier? exhibiting life goes on behavior, out in these Atlanta streets  passing up the slow moving Toyota Prius out there on I-20 in the ongoing “helter skelter” ; we’ll proceed and continue!!
Work to do? yes!! now O-Dog Day Partying per getting breakbeat scientific; this good word and good music is on the menu..
Work to do? yes!! now O-Dog Day Partying!! listening to Nightmares On Wax and Ricardo Villalobos  (feat. Kuauhtli Vasquez and Wixarika Tribe) with Back To Nature (Lobos On Wax House Mix)
Work to do? yes!! now O-Dog Day Partying , rebuking the nightmares exhibited in 2020 so far; “let the healing process began” worldwide from Atlanta to Mexico to Africa and all points in between; Mr Raoul K explained the African Paradigm so let’s get down!! check out he players and this track / mix

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