Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, where things can go either way..

Claimed the terrific outcome earlier, to manifest it? I  knew I would have work to do so I was on the  way!!

Celebrating after it manifested, the Lord blessed it!! now this O-Dog Day Party is underway / ongoing..

Sorry, no Super Tuesday rallies, following Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders lead due the coronavirus pandemic that's ongoing.

It's on us to do the academics / do the knowledge / learn to understand that and this; in the meantime we're listening to TECH HOUSE and TECHNO 2020 DJ STONEANGELS  DJ SET ON YOUMIXRADIO

We're radical with this, check the playlist and the mix!! once again it's on, there's not a problem the DJ can't fix!! he'll show you the way to go!

1 - Sid Vaga, Herald - Rebirth (Original Mix)
2 - Massimo Madeddu - Bring It Back (Original Mix) 
3 - Husko - Rave, Revival (Extended Mix)
4 - The Cook, The Thief - That Body (Original Mix)
5 - Vato X Loco - Can't Find My Feel (Original Mix)
6 - Sergio Parrado - Osm (Lauhaus & Mario Franca Remix)
7 - Shayne Fontaine Redux Saints - Carnival Soul (Extended Mix)
8 - Berke Gunes - Rollback (Original Mix)
9 - Rafa Barrios - Distraido (Uto Karem Raw Mix)
10 - UMEK - Cybernetic Implant (Original Mix) 
11 - Kaiserdisco - Taipan (Original Mix)
12 - Emanuele Vernarelli - Tunes Mind (Original Mix) 
13 - Mark Reeve - Filmwave (Original Mix)
14 - Wehbba - Basic Pleasure (Original Mix)
15 - Mark Reeve - Fix Me (Original Mix)

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