Monday, March 09, 2020

Caught Up In The Middle Of The Action (Part Eight)

We're caught up in the middle of the action dodging potholes / rolling through these obstacle courses aka these Atlanta streets; authorities blame it on the rain..

Sounding like Milli Vanilli  on this Music Monday but we knew the deally; similar to dealing with these setbacks / obstacles in these hostile territories; we'll blame it on the reign..

Mentioned earlier the reign began with a drizzle; astrologers blame it on Mercury stationing after being retrograde or even on the Virgo full moon shining this morning!! it's going down, but due to the "buking and scorning" I'm trying to collect scattered thoughts affected by springing forward. 

Due to so called Daylight Saving Time, per Music Monday listening to Sade,  is it a crime?  this is even mentioned in previous episodes about springing forward..

Caught up in the middle of the action? you'll have to excuse O-Zone but he has the spring like a power forward, as I exercise power springing forward never backwards,  unless accessing knowledge from previous episodes.

Caught up in the middle of the action? per Ecclesiastes 1:18   knowledge causing more sorrow / grief / misery, an exercise in futility?  dealing with these networks of those stressing us operating in devious modes?

 Caught up in the middle of the action? jokers practice the ignorance is bliss philosophy but I'm questioning the ability but still showing showing humility;  previous episodes took a toll. 

Caught up in the middle of the action, blessing us willingly? oh yes,  if we follow God's plan but facing opposition from  the devil and his advocates trying to take our soul.

An abundance of caution per threats of losing traction? sounding like the Trump administration dealing with the coronavirus..

Running this / handling our business before it handles us; getting over the hump like the middle of the week but dealing with the opposition; of course that didn't surprise us!!

Refusing to be thrown under the bus like Mike Pence and the Surgeon General Jerome Adams  but it's surgical how we keep good word and funk  dropping!! even if we do or don't somebody is damning us!! 

Cruising down I-20 in Atlanta, it's on!! observing the scene I couldn't self quarantine, check the circumstance!!  I guess you can say we're caught up in the middle of the action...

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