Monday, March 16, 2020

The I-20 Chronicles : Oh Yes!! We're Still Out Here!!

It's going down!! in the midst of the chaos and confusion per this coronavirus pandemic we're still out here on I-20 in Atlanta...

It's going down!! Sherlock Holmes supposedly told Watson it's elementary / academic!!! O-Zone?  telling you it's rough out here somebody will understand a brotha!!

It's going down / still putting it down / we'll proceed and continue,  check the menu we're working it all out / check us out as we work on our fitness, exercising faith..

It's going down / still putting it down rocking these venues worldwide / universal the Lord blessing me and you!! strengthen your faith!!

Couldn't bathe in these Pisces sun rays, skies are cloudy /  overcast here in Atlanta affecting the mood / morale of my constituents..

Feeling the wrath during this crisis? rays of hope shine in the clouds silver lining; escaping artist we're finding peace in opioids /opiates and barbiturates 

What's up with it? what's the deal with it? they had us social distancing so we provide mechanical engineering to fight the social engineering; we  O-Dog podcasted!! sounds blasted!! our response to the madness.

What's up with it? what's the deal with it? we're all up in the spot praying and fasting due to the ongoing circumstances!! we're  behind enemy lines, where reason gave way to madness.

In this remote outpost / lab out off of I-20 in Atlanta methods to the madness our developed; the stash is thick!! breakbeats / funk and jazz are the elements.

.....along with this good word, in Atlanta the traffic is thick as we try to swerve!! I'm behind soccer moms in  Subaru Outbacks / Volvo Wagons and Honda Elements..

Trying to move forward  / trying to flatten the curve like coronavirus rhetoric; accused of being a fanatic for trying to  take the streets back with this embellishment.

Trying to move forward down I-20 in Atlanta after reality checks we're deposited into our accounts; we're cashing them..

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