Friday, March 06, 2020

Caught Up In The Middle Of The Action (Part Seven)

Taking a look around, damn!! it seems your dude is caught up in the middle of the action...

Faking with the sound? not O-Dizzle digital crate digging will continue on this Flashback Friday; we'll bring the action..

Exercising an abundance of caution, the devil and his advocates will put their claws in, trying to get a grip..

A preponderance of evidence has been present due to previous episodes; haters were in devious modes!! stay on point / don't slip..

Caught up in the middle of the action, supposedly like Bernie Sanders we're bumping heads with the establishment as they pull strings like Bill Barr with the Mueller Report, manipulating things.

Caught up in the middle of the action!! check the prose, understand us? plus sounds are bumping!! "oops upside the head"  like the Gap Band to those who haven't stopped hating things.

Caught up in the middle of the action!! debating things and issues that are irrelevant? naw cousin, those are weapons of mass distraction!! 

Caught up in the system / matrix due to slacking? we just might be due to the US response to the coronavirus;  so what it do? what it does?  damn!! now were caught up in the middle of the action.

Caught up in the sound? O-Dog aka O- Dizzle is not faking it, not slacking!! still on that hip hop,  jokers are surprised by this!! also jazz funking and housing, we don't quit / we don't stop!

Boots on the ground,  embedded behind enemy lines? O-Zone is not slacking but accused of tripping without luggage; he don't quit / he don't stop!

The madness didn't stop, even confirmed by the homie down in Nassau in the Bahamas, hanging out on Bay Street 

Madness methods are developed due to being caught up in the middle of the action; saw dramas occur in corporate offices, schools, churches and even out in the street!!

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