Thursday, December 31, 2020

Bubble Wrapping (Part Six) The 2020 Wrap Up

 The year 2020 is coming to a close; boy! I tell you what; this has been a rough year! 

Actually that’s an understatement my constituents can relate to it; they’ve had to take it there.. a fight that’s not fair; we’re dealing with everything from Covid 19 to systemic racism

We’re taking flight / taking it there moving forward with a positive mind set soon on the case again..

Dropping this 20 / 20 hindsight I mentioned before now check the score as we bubble wrap 2020 up.

Playing this holiday season in bubble due CDC guidelines the Coronavirus has affected many of mine; many hope that Covid vaccine will wrap this thing up!

It’s going to be so amazing like Luther; Trailblazing? like Texas Western University, Glory Road But we know it won’t be “all sweet” ; Reality hazing like a fraternity? Oh yeah!! now we’re in adversity mode Trying to wrap it up? Soon out in the street like a villain! out here on the Boulevard of broken / delinquent dreams? Trying to wrap it up? ruthless like a cartoon character / villain with frequent toothless plots / schemes?

Slapped up by reality until they’re toothless; 2020 wasn’t playing with us!

It’s wrapped up we’re through with it! Bubble wrapped like packages by FedEx and UPS

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