Wednesday, December 16, 2020

We're Getting Busy (Part Ten)

Check us out as we set this HumpDay Extravaganza off; I guess you can say we’re getting busy!!

Check us out as we try to get over the hump; understand a brotha? that’s what the deal will be!

Naysayers won’t feel you and me; like McConnell vs Trump they’re concerned! no credence was given to the furry stranger?
...aka the beast; out there? lessons are learned to say the least! now we’re getting busy, soon we’ll embark on a celestial journey, in danger?  

...aka taking a Mystic Voyage / Treasure Hunt as jokers discourage, they’ll front / fake / stunt; stressing with infernal actions?

..per the outcomes I'm soon relieved, like the terrific outcome on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? no Raging inferno reactions?

Pulling out the drums per this Digital Crate Digging !! Check us out as a naysayer is rebuked with the sound, success achieved...

Doing the mathematics then rebuking fanatics! a dude sums up the consequences, getting busy! soon relieved!

Outcomes sporadic but some believed it was felt all up in the spot; but I'm not trying to start with ya!! you know there would be naysayers!

Throwing salt into the game; then when things go sideways they wanna say prayers!

Who’s caught up in the game  or caught out there due to the social engineering?

We’re getting busy in this game! at the end of the day they'll respect this architect with this breakbeat science aka mechanical engineering!

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