Friday, December 18, 2020

The I -20 Chronicles (Another Flashback Friday Edition)

 Oh yes! We’re still rolling out there on I-20 in Atlanta my constituents already know what it is! 

Out there on the gateway to the universe, we’re Intergalactic with it! Now we’re letting those that didn’t know what the deal is!

Somebody will feel this! Flashback Friday? Rolling down I-65,  chilled up in Louisville by the Ohio River!

....knowing what the deal is! Knowledge gained like I was in Rehoboth out by Euphrates River..

But intergalactic, signals were  received from the Monolith in Utah asking me what’s up y’all...

Mathematics are dropped from this I -20 perspective; drawn to knowledge like a moth to the light? Yes Yes Y’all..

Some are erratic after drinking the broth / elixir? disturbing the earth per the desecration? oh no! Mother Nature doesn’t like this! Fanatics disturbed the groove like that groove By The System now the approaching behemoth is sent; enforcement? we’ll have to fight this? Appetites curbed due to coaching that’s inferior? will we outlast the enemy? spotted my constituents dipping down I-20 in Atlanta saying let me out! The arch nemesis is on the premises, approaching the exterior fast! some defeated? Without a doubt!

Rolling down I -20 in Atlanta trying to deal with that and this going all out as this new Age of Aquarius approaches..

Spotted Jupiter and Saturn while out on my intergalactic journey so who’ll work with me? Jokers are acting nefarious, Armageddon approaches?

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