Monday, December 14, 2020

We’re Getting Busy (Part Nine)

Check us out as we get back to Monday morning business; I guess you can say we’re getting busy!

New moon in Sagittarius  / solar eclipse business for this Monday morning? see what the deal will be..

Age of Aquarius next week around this time? The Saturn Jupiter Conjunction aka the Great Conjunction takes place..

Age of the nefarious per the Trump coup attempt? Some will act fake in this race..

Retro futuristic / intergalactic? O -Zone is on the case, out in a tangle of stars Memories of tomorrow? Erratic, when taking it back to the future? now in a tangle of scars Supposedly Cunning! mathematics dropped, ice cold with the icey handprint? 

Supposedly Cunning! Out here getting busy but leaving a Carbon footprint Opposing me? Knowing what the deal will be! usually something old or new will circumvent ..

Approaching me? Hopefully six feet apart with a mask on; Covid 19 we can prevent..

Approaching? Covid 19 vaccines  just left Louisville now nationwide like when I left Louisville!

Getting busy while on the scene! Dropping this breakbeat science letting my people know the deal!

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