Wednesday, December 02, 2020

We’re Getting Busy (Part Four)

Once again it's on! We're blessed to be here so we'll set this HumpDay Extravaganza off!

It's Going Down Like This! Good word dropping and beat breaking will occur that's the business; I guess you can say we're going off!

...or I guess you can say we're getting busy!!  the quiz will be taken by some to see if they were doing the knowledge!! 

Check us out,  as we proceed and continue!! your cuz is utilizing the drop down menu so the mothership gets good mileage..

Check us out!!  naysayers claim we're foul with this!!  they attack us like Trump vs Brian Kemp down here in Georgia..

Gabriel Sterling called Trump out and others like Bill Barr said please! players told him he needs to let it go it's another Love TKO per Teddy Pendergrass per my Outback Chronicles I told you about these snakes in the grass down here in Georgia! 

Work is put in, we're getting busy rebuking work put in by others!!  check the Mechanical engineering; industrial strength....I hear power tools and drills.

Shadetree mechanics pursue social engineering, saying these fools should know the drills!!

It's par for the course like prime time Tiger Woods when these social networks told them to take those pills and rinse it down with the enhanced grape flavored Kool Aid!!

The social media makes it a trending topic, it's tight in these hoods, so what's good? some can't believe those fools fell for the charade.

We continue getting busy, these veterans know how the game is played; we refuse to be left busted and disgusted!!

We continue getting busy, but I hear George Benson's Masquerade playing in the background its soon followed by Public Enemy's Cant Truss It!

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