Thursday, December 10, 2020

Johnny M - Chill Horizons 01 | Deluxe Chill & Downtempo Relaxing Music |...

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check it out!! this is another Throwback Thursday edition...

By now? "y'all should know how we do" ; retro - futuristic? that's the business! at the moment this is  how I'm living..

Burned rubber earlier "straight out the gate"; O-Dog Day Partying earlier,now we've got other work to do, taking it down a thousand...

Burned by another?  filing lawsuits like Texas joined by Trump and others with a coup or sedition on their minds; supposedly a caste of thousands..

...actually millions, brainwashed minions; beats bump in this dominion plus this good word is dropped as we chill out!! listening to Johnny M- Chill Horizons 01 | Deluxe Chill & Downtempo Relaxing Music | M-Sol Records

Cold chilling in the midst of the madness!! check out the playlist and the mix as we move into this Afternoon Jazz set, setting records!!

Tracklist: 01. Chris Le Blanc - Si Vous Voulez (Original Mix) 00:00 02. Roberto Bronco - Islands (Original Mix) 04:29 03. Marc Hartman - Sandcastles (Original Mix) 07:22 04. Marc Hartman - Endless Summer (Shining Sun) (Original Mix) 11:48 05. Schwarz & Funk - Drift Away (Original Mix) 15:14 06. Marco Moli - U-Turn (Original Mix) 19:19 07. Marga Sol - Citylife (Original Mix) 23:16 08. Nexus 5 - Follow The Sun (Original Mix) 27:45 09. DMTunes - Jamaz (Original Mix) 32:05 10. Abraxas - Esperando La Lluvia (Waiting For Rain) (Original Mix) 35:13 11. Marga Sol - Underwater (Original Mix) 42:33 12. Chillson - Audio Encore (Original Mix) 48:14 13. Weber & Weber - Come Back To Me (I Wish You Would) (Original Mix) 51:11 14. Martin Liege - Balearic Jazz (Original Mix) 56:04 15. Chillson - Easy Does It (Original Mix) 59:13


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